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Union play a vital role in safeguarding the rights and interest of its members across various industries. Central to their functioning is adherence to a constitution that outlines the framework for decision making and ensures democratic representation of members. However, when a breach of the unions constitution occurs, it raises concern about the integrity of the organization and the rights of its members.

Understanding the union's constitution; The constitution of a Union serve as a fundamental document that outline the principles, rules and procedures governing the organisations. It often established the right and responsibilities of members, defines the structure of leadership and outlines the decision making process by adhering to the constitution, unions can ensure transparency, fairness and accountability in their operations. 

Transparency, fairness and accountability of the Federation of Iwoland student Union National Executives have been questionable since their assumption of office ranging from CEC to SLC to the SJC, their have been some anomalies in the way the union is been put in place.

The Competence of the Central Executives Council (CEC) is severely lacking, leading to the misinterpretation of constitutional provisions and the abuse of power. Their inability to fulfill their responsibilities undermines democratic processes and erodes public trust. Moreover, the CEC's failure to articulate a clear plan for the current administrative year exacerbates the existing issues of accountability and transparency. This lack of a coherent roadmap hampers effective governance and prevents meaningful progress. Urgent measures are needed to address these shortcomings, restore credibility to the electoral process and ensure the CEC upholds its constitutional obligations for the benefit of the people.

To effectively run an office and achieve a successful administration, it is important to consider standards, competency, and management skills. However, in FILSU, the Central Executives Council lacks these qualities. They have failed to run an efficient administration and lack the attributes of good governance.

Over the years, the CEC has played a significant role in the development of the Union and Iwoland as a whole. However, upon careful analysis of the current administration and the group of Executives at The Federation of Iwoland Students' Union, National Headquarters, it is evident that no progress has been made and no impactful actions have been taken thus far. They have neglected the organization of Congress, which serves as a platform for all union members to discuss important matters for the betterment of the union, address underlying issues, and enhance the union's structure. How can the union develop without bringing together intellectual individuals? How can they promise a better future? How can they correct anomalies and create productive, fruitful, and remarkable programs? Some people argue that the end justifies the means, but it is widely believed that an organization or union with incompetent executives will only yield poor, vague, and suboptimal results, ultimately leading to no achievements or progress.

Recently, the President of the Federation of Iwoland Students' Union, National Headquarters, Comr. Abdul-rahmon Abolore, has shown a lack of commitment to development and has distanced himself from making positive contributions to the Union, the community, and Nigeria. He attempted to halt a program aimed at giving back to the heritage of the community, Iwoland, and its constituents. This program was a Spelling Bee Contest organized by a FILSU chapter in Ogbomoso, which everyone recognizes for its positive effects and contributions to the esteemed community of Iwoland. However, the President opposed the program, insisting that it should be organized solely by him. Does this mean that no one else possesses the intellectual capacity to come up with ideas to rejuvenate our cherished home and secure its future? Furthermore, since assuming office, he has failed to organize any program related to this cause.

Instead of him supporting the program, he went ahead to ban the Chapter, Filsu Lautech Chapter to be precise. This shows how inimical he is in shaping up the future to a great part of posterity. 

These acts of ineligibility, negligence, and incompetence of these sets of executives have brought disastrous to the union, Iwoland, and the community at large. You won't be surprised if the Union subsided in no time, maybe we can then say the 2023 administration insunerate the collapse.

The Student Legislative Council's participation in this saga must be investigated. It should be highlighted that the SLC Speaker, Clerk, and Chief Whip collaborated with the National President to prohibit Filsu Lautech in participating in the Union without calling for a sitting. It is funny that the Chief Justice of the Union joined them in signing an SLC letter. One has to question what type of constitution these individuals have. They make decisions without consulting other honorables; they have converted the organization into their inheritance, which they manage whatever way they choose.

If Filsu will be a better Union of intellectual individuals, a learning ground and a forum of impact, we, the students and Alumni need to sketch out a plan to rejuvenate our noble Union, sweep out the incompetent, inconsistent, and unoptimized set of people from the Executives. The standard must be kept, and the Legacy must stand.

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