By Bolarinwa Kabir A 

On the 13th of September, 2022, the entire body of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Atiba Chapter met for a brief meeting and drum their support for Okedara Ridwan Aderogba, the AFRICAN ACTION CONGRESS (AAC) candidate to serve as a Member of the Oyo State House of Assembly representing the constituency.This overwhelming support comes in light of the fact that, in the history of Atiba Local Government, no youth has taken such a bold and radical step in the interest of the people.

In a collective statement released by the organisation, it was said that, “It is clear for all to see that, as the election date draws closer, more parties have been intensifying their bid. As a union, we’re committed to putting the well-being of Atiba Local Government, our home, first. That’s why we deliberated among ourselves to only support a candidate who would be willing and committed to liberating this community as a whole and capable of writing the next chapter in its history.In the over two decades of the existence of this local government in the democracy era, we’ve had several representatives, all of whom have given little heed to the voice of the people while in office. The result of this is that our dear Atiba has slowly lost much of its glory and now finds itself in an untenable and unpalatable situation.We want to first applaud the diligence and commitment to the community shown by Hon Okedara Ridwan to take on the challenge of rebuilding. It’s always good to see a youth thinking about progressive ways to better where he came from. We’re more than optimistic that the fresh perspective that he’ll bring to governance in the local government will supersede that of those who’ve failed us in the past.That is why we’re not only giving him our full endorsement but also committing our support, resources, and prayers to ensuring that his restorative vision for Atiba LG comes to fruition. 

However, bettering our homeland demands a collective effort. So, we implore the good people of Atiba to vote for AFRICAN ACTION CONGRESS (AAC) in the coming 2023 election for Oyo State House of Assembly, to Vote for Okedara Ridwan as well so he can bring the progress and unity we need to our town.” 




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