Atiba Youth Leaders Support Okedara Ridwan for OYSHA


24th of September, 2022 was a joyous and memorable day as youths from all corners of Atiba, led by their executives, came out en masse at Atiba Party Secretariat of the African Action Congress, to declare their support for Okedara Ridwan. Okedara Ridwan, the candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC) party for Member, House of Assembly, Oyo State for the constituency is himself a youth who has demonstrated an elite level of dedication and commitment to improving the local government. In the short time since he declared his candidacy, he has taken it upon himself to conduct several restorative programs in the community, effectively tackling many long-existing problems in the process. Before the formal endorsement of Okedara Ridwan by the youth leaders of the constituency, a meeting was held where the core focus was on how Atiba could be wrested free from the clutches of political veterans who have become unwilling to pursue progress. Following the meeting and speaking about the youths pledging their support to the AAC candidate, a prominent stakeholder had this to say, “Over the last 23 years, many people have represented Atiba at the State House of Assembly. But today, we can’t even point to one notable impact or change that they’ve brought to the community at large. At this point, there’s no doubt old politicians have failed and let us down terribly. It’s time for a new, youthful dawn. Until now, even though our demographic has been instrumental in every election, (youths) in the Constituency have never held any office in government.

 Okedara with leaders of the Youth Wing

We have sat idly by while oppressive policies have been passed in succession. In this new era, we (the youth) have realized that we must play a more active role in governance and policy making from the grassroots. As we cannot continue to depend on people who repeatedly promise and fail, we’re stepping up to the challenge this time to claim a better, more glorious future.He, Okedara Ridwan Aderogba (Mr Planet) is the best foot we can put forward right now. He represents everything we want from our next House of Assembly member. Not only is he young and uncompromised, but he has his eyes on the future and follows the right ideals. He has our complete support in the coming election. And, by the special grace of God, he’ll emerge and restore the deserving Glory to Atiba. From this moment on, we’ll be canvassing massively, not just for Okedara Ridwan now but also for the African Action Congress 'AAC' party as a whole. We believe in their vision of youth inclusion in policy making and we’re more than willing to work intensively for people who hear and value our voice.”




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