Photographer Deletes Couple’s Wedding Photos After Being Denied Food

A hungry man they said is an angry man: Denied food, photographer deletes friend’s entire wedding album.

It cost the groom dearly to hire a friend as his wedding photographer. He was perhaps trying to save some money but ended up having not even a single picture as memory from his wedding.

Why? Because this ‘friend’ deleted all of them in anger. Revenge for being denied food.

As per the photographer, he drove around to various locations with the bride to shoot the preparations before finally arriving at the venue for the wedding ceremony and reception. And amidst all this, the photographer did not even get the chance to have a meal. He recalls “I started around 11 am and was due to finish around 7:30 pm.”

Now, you would expect a friend to be understanding in such situations, however, when the dinner opened up for other guests, the photographer was told that he could not break to eat.

Sharing his story in a long post, Reddit user @Icy-Reserve6995 said that he worked as a dog groomer. And while he posted the pictures of his clients’ pets on his Instagram and Facebook photo, he never had worked at weddings.

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