Fulani herdsmen intrude farms in Ogbomoso as Amotekun come to rescue


It was a sad day for Farmers in Iresadu yesterday (Friday, January 8, 2021) in Ogbomoso area of Oyo State as Fulani herdsmen trespass farms, cart away farmers produce among other bad things.

According to eye witness whose farm was also invaded, "Several Fulani herdsmen were caught red handed in about 6 different locations by the Amotekun and were arrested in which they have been handed over to the security personnel".

About 10 of the herdsmen were arrested, when interrogated, they confessed that, they were wrong and they have been doing like that for a very long time.

Adekkatv correspondence in Ogbomoso learnt that, this is not the first time it is happening, similar thing take place every year but they knew how to get free from the police which is of concern to the farmers in that community, the introduction of Amotekun make a significant different this time around, most of the farm settlers were affected by the ugly incident.

Before they were arrested, they have turned the farm land to their permanent home where they sleep and do their chores on it without minding the loss of the farmers.

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