LAUTECH Transcript Saga: A system set up to hamper progress of students


An Open Letter to Gov Seyi Makinde

Your Excellency sir, let me start by congratulating you on the successful resolution of the LAUTECH ownership tussle that has dragged on for a long time. I am most grateful that this is a step in the right direction but there are other things I believe your intervention can help resolve and this is why I am writing to you publicly.

 I am not writing this to soil the name of my Alma mater as some may opine  but I am doing this to amplify the voices of many graduates of the institution who have been denied great opportunities because of the highhandedness and I don't care attitude of the management of the institution.

Beyond the LAUTECH ownership tussle that sucked out excellence and reduced the institution to a mere secondary school, the Registry section is another stick that must be removed from the fire if LAUTECH will rise again to its place in the Academic world.

The transcript application process in LAUTECH is dangerously flawed against graduates from this institution that is supposed to be a school of technology but has failed to simulate a simple transcript process to deliver transcripts and verification. When application processes are dragged for as long as a year and at times more with no particular reason in view, such system is a misnomer and should not be allowed to continue.

The joy of every reputable institutions the world over is in seeing their graduates progress and supporting them in accessing the greatness but LAUTECH is contributing to slowing down their progress. Even when the Global Alumni Association has tried its best in upgrading the system, human factors are slowing down the efficient delivery and verification of academic documents which is taking a negative toll on the progress of many graduates from the school.

A case in hand is that of a graduate who applied for transcript since July and the verification of documents has since been hanging. The transcript has been sent but a verification was required from the organization and that has been pending for several weeks now, leaving the applicant at a disadvantage. The officer in charge is so negligent and I believe a removal from that sensitive office is the only antidote to the anti student posture of the transcript section.

Your Excellency, we have tried all known mechanisms to address this poor system including engagements with the Registrar and even a letter to the Vice Chancellor but the only clear indication for now is that the Ologunde led management is culpable in this dastardly act. Our appeal is that a careful investigation be carried out to determine why this act continue to fester unchallenged by the management. Culpable officers should be sanctioned and more responsible people be drafted into the system to sanitize it. I am also pledging to furnish the relevant authorities who want to investigate this with witness accounts and proofs of administrative recklessness on the part of the officer in charge of this process.

Thank you your Excellency as you sanitize this institution and restore it's lost glory.

Atunluto Oluwasegun A Idowu

(A concerned Alumnus)

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