Beware of self-medication, Olamiju, Osun S.A. Public Health warn residents

The Special Adviser to Governor Adegboyega Oyetola on Public Health, Dr. Olasiji Olamiju has warned that consumption of medicine based on word of mouth and without doctors' consultation can adversely affect the health and sometimes lead to disastrous consequences.

The Public Health expert made this known while featuring on an OSBC television Yoruba programme tagged: 'E Gbee Yewo' to commemorate the World Drug Day 2020.

Dr Olamiju explained that every individual has  different physiological requirements, hence one drug does not cure all ailments.

According to him, those who abuse drug as a result of self medication may end up with multi organ failures such as liver and kidney.

“Currently, there are certain population taking medicines or using medical devices especially designed and labelled for use in the treatment of common health problems without the authority or prescription of a physician. This is the most rapidly growing areas of concern for medical professionals, government and the general public.

"Self-medication is highly harmful. Especially for children, the dosage varies according to weight, and not just age. There are some drugs which may be safe for adults, but when given to kids, it may be harmful. Consuming medicine without prescription may initially result in a reduction of distress, but in the long-run it may cause serious problems,” Olamiju emphasised.

He also said irrational use of medicines may lead to an inappropriate, incorrect, missed diagnosis. “Delay in the right treatment may further increase the morbidity rate."

"In order to cut down the cost of medical expenses, people are also seeking the help of ‘Google doctor’ which in turn adds to confusion. These and other reasons was why the government of Osun under the leadership of Governor Adegboyega Oyetola embarked on rehabilitation, renovation and revitalization of 332 PHCs across the State, out of which, 250 had been completed and adequately equipped, just walk into any of them to access care, free of charge. This is better than arbitrarily taking any drug," Olamiju explained.

He however advised residents of the State to handle their health with utmost care by visiting any of the government-owned facilities to access care whenever they fall sick.

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