Olajuyin Olaleye

COVID-19, a disease that is ravaging the entire world has affected every aspect of human life, ranging from economic to business to education and so on. Infact, confirm cases of corona virus has topped 4.1million worldwide according to the latest figure released from John Hopkins university with over 281,000 death cases reported; Without any doubt this virus is really affecting the world. Now the big question is when is this going to end? How soon will all things be back to normal?
We have to be sincere with ourselves, Covid-19 is not going to disappear over night, even with a lot of researches on vaccines and drugs to cure this disease across the world, it will take almost 2 years before this virus is totally eradicated. A lot of people across the world are scared for their health, but just as importantly, a lot of people are also scared for their wallets and their money including me. So then, what is going to happen? Well, this is my best guess.


Obviously, with the way things are going, their will be less of money flowing around. So don’t squander  the cash at hand and  the one you have in the bank, don't spend money on things you don't need, don't buy that expensive car, don't buy that shares, possibility stand tall it might crash. don’t buy that expensive human hair, don't buy that expensive designer shirt, shoes or that extra suit because elaborate wedding may not be back anytime soon, it is important that you save and spend  money on essential commodities like food and personal hygiene materials.


The bitter truth we have to accept is that many jobs are not coming back so soon after this pandemic, Hospitality industries, waiters, recreation centers, catering services, Hotel services and so on  will drastically reduce their staff strength and millions of people will loose their job.  Its going to take at least 2 years before most of this jobs comes back, so in free time like this, you have to shift your attention to education (learning); learn / develop skills that can fetch you money very fast, it's important you learn one or two relevant skills rather than registering for all online classes, you can learn this skills on platforms like Telegram, whatsApp, YouTube e.t.c. Let me help you with some of this skills, they include internet skills, video editing, running facebook Ads, website design, graphic design e.t.c. People with IT degrees and not sociology or philosophy degrees will thrive more in time like this; my candid advice is that you seek for knowledge in the field.


Most private companies can't afford to pay workers salaries. Some of them will eventually result to sacking of most of their workers. So this is the time to create your own job, go online and teach that piano, go online and offer your design services, go online and teach that makeover skill. Are you a good content writer, ghost writer, creative writer or research article writer? This is when your skills can fetch you more money; you can visit the following website to sell your skills: upwork.com, freelancer.com, Livingstone-research.com e.t.c.


If you are sure of studying any medical professional courses like Medical Laboratory Science, Medicine and Surgery, Nursing, Radiology e.t.c then this is the best time to do it. COVID-19 taught us that the world need a lot of medical professionals, the world need life savers, it doesn't need travel influencers, it doesn't need Gucci, it doesn't need designers for now.
This is the best time to think different, I believe you remembered year 2016 when Nigeria economy was in bad shape, many ponzi scheme like MMM came in and promise the double of the money you invest in their scheme, you know the end of the story as many Nigerians haven’t recover from the loss, so you have to be careful of ponzi schemes as many of them will soon come on board.
Now, if there is one thing we have to do for life after COVID-19, it is to be more compassionate, look after yourself  then look after your neighbor. This is the best time to give to the needy.Together we will beat this pandemic.


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