Following confirmed case of the dreaded disease Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 in Lagos, Nigeria and the ravaging effects of the virus scourge across many countries of the world, the State Government of Osun has requested all institutions of higher learning to sensitize students about preventive interventions to keep the virus at bay.

The Special Adviser to the Governor on Public Health, Dr Olasiji Olamiju stated this in a letter sent to the Ministry of Education, Provost College of Health Technology and the Principal School of Nursing and Midwifery, on Wednesday.

The State Ministry of Health have also issued a special pamphlet carrying preventive measures.

According to Olamiju, “Such informed youth can be agents of change for the family, community and beyond.”

Emphasizing upon the preventive measures, the Special Adviser on Public Health has recommended frequent hand washing, using handkerchief, tissue paper or covering the upper arm while coughing or sneezing, staying away from college when sick and avoiding public gatherings in order to prevent/reduce transmission of communicable diseases, including flu.

“You are requested to take up with the state education departments, universities and other autonomous teaching institutions under your ministry to sensitize their students these simple public health measures that will go a long way in preventing spread of Lassa fever and coronavirus,” the letter reads.

The letter also directed all recognized institutions to spread necessary awareness to curb the transmission of communicable diseases.

“The Ministry of Health have provided informatory pamphlets in English and pidgin. These self-explanatory documents can be posted on notice boards and other prominent places on the campus.”

He further explained that the outbreak of coronavirus should be used as an opportunity to spread awareness on prevention of communicable diseases.

“We have closely witnessed the outbreak of Ebola in the past. Now, our neighbour Ondo and Lagos states are battling with Lassa fever and coronavirus. Students must know basics to prevent communicable diseases and colleges should take holistic measures to spread knowledge about the same,” he concluded.

The ministry of health has put out a toll free helpline: 293 for any information related to Lassa fever and coronavirus.

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