Written by Onike Rahaman

As a follow-up to my open letter to Oyo State Police Commissioner last week on this platform,it is imperative I write again having continued  to hear reports that armed robbers  are still operating daily on the road.Despite the fact that not fewer than 80 people shared my previous post which was an appeal for the timely intervention of Oyo State Police Commissioner;yet,there is no indication till now that the Oyo State Police Commissioner saw,heard,acted on, or reacted to the outcry against the incessant armed robbery incidents along Maya-Eruwa-Igboora road.

In my public lecture last Sunday during official launching of "Oyo Daade Youth Forum",I still have an opportunity to revisit and extensively spoke on  the security challenge in the expectation that the top ranking police officers  present at the event would act as appropriate.

Contrarily, the report received since Monday have heightened the fear and apprehension of the people of Ibarapa particularly the road passengers.Instead of the robbers to retreat or vacate the area, what we heard again this week was reports of molestation,harrassment and depossession of victms of their hard earned money and valuable properties.

The trend is becoming threatening due to reported deaths of innocent victims of some of the robbery incidents along Maya-Eruwa-Igboora road,Oyo State.

I need to put on record that the activities of Community funded vigilante security outfits are encouraging and have been serving as a sort of relief for the inhabitants of the troubled areas and the road passagers who are currently experiencing nightmares as a result of nonoriety of the robbers operating in the areas.

In view of the above development,I am writing once again to appeal to Chairmen  Ibarapa East, Ibarapa North and Ibarapa Central Local Government to please energise and ensure improved funding of vigilante operations in the areas.
From all indications, the police check points despite its proliferation along the affected road sides seem to be incapable and not focusing the security challenge.Instead of the usual police check points, what is urgently needed is constant  police patrol of Maya-Eruwa-Igboora road where the operations of the robbers seem to be notorious and persistent.

Once again,I implore friends to kindly share this post to catch the attention of the police and the Council Chairmen in Ibarapaland.


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