The Secretary of the National Association of Nigerian Students in Oyo State, has congratulates Oyo State Governor, Engr Seyi Makinde, on his victory at the Supreme Court on wednesday.

Recall that, Makinde was having a legal battle with Adelabu over election Results for the 2019 governorship poll in Oyo State.

Salawudeen oyewale George said that, Governor Seyi Makinde is an agent of peace and development in Oyo state.O the victory, he said, “this is victory, not just for Gov. Seyi Makinde, but more importantly, a victory for peace, equitable development and unusual transformation in Oyo State.
“I believe it is a motivation for the governor to do more and a veritable launch pad into Good Governance  and solid foundation for the PDP in the state.

The Governor’s victory was really something to be expected. When I heard people expressing readiness for a verdict to the contrary, I really wondered how possible that would be, and was only waiting on my part to confirm the very obvious. Whether one agrees or not, Gov Seyi Makinde is a blessing; a chosen David amongst the seven sons of Jesse; and of course God’s own gift to the Oyokind. God has favored him above everyone else given his humble disposition and sincere piety. It is indeed difficult to find someone with great power but with utter humility as such. God sees in the heart, and he has seen the man’s heart as very pellucid.

However, it is my sincere advice that now is the time to keep aside all grudges and move ahead. It is no longer time to spite the opposition, even when it may be tempting. Now is the time to understand our different ideologies but also our uniting factors and harness upon that strength to move our dear state forward. We have experienced these kind of processes in the past and can truly attest to the fact that they are quite tantamount to administrative distractions and the deepening of hate amongst supposed brethren. So in order to avoid the impending quandary that arises from unnecessary court-cases directed at the State’s principal officer, the Governor’s victory should therefore be considered a predestined occasion as it were. And thus, we should shun any form of subjection to the phantasmagoria of imagined possibilities of collecting the mandate, because Oluwa lo seyi”.

Such phantasm could be misleading and perversely perpetrate folly and hate among brethren.

In the end, Oyo is ours; and we do not have any other Oyo state except this . Our responsibility now is to pray for our leaders and disdain from slanderous and cacophonous brouhaha against the humble instituted authority. Governor Seyi is our father, brother, uncle, son-in-law,  and above all, our very own Governor.
On this note and on behalf of Harmless Millions Batallions of Nigerian Students in Oyo state, I say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the Oyo state first family; to the Oyo State Executive Council, the PDP, and above all, the good people of Oyo state for the well deserved victory. It’s due to cheer and make merry.

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