A professional body, the Institute of Data Processing Management of Nigeria, IDPM, has conferred a Fellowship Award on the Special Adviser to the State of Osun Governor on Public Health, Dr. Olasiji Olamiju for his commendable efforts in impacting the lives of the people which is helping him to inspire others for growth and development.

The pharmaceutical doctor received the fellowship award from the institute, a professional body which is the Nigerian counterpart of IDPM London, now known as the Institute for Management of Information System (IMIS) at its 28th Induction and graduation ceremony held at Center for Management and Development, Lagos.

While presenting the award to Olamiju, the Institute's Head of Corporate affairs and Information, Chief Analyst John Adesuyi said IDPM-Nigeria recognizes, celebrates and honours commendable achievers who are promoting data management in their profession.

He noted that Dr Olamiju perfectly fell into the category of such distinguished personalities, hence the presentation of the prestigious fellowship award of the institute to him.

According to him, "two of the awardees are politician and we are not honouring them because of their political position, we looked at their profession and how they are making use of data management.

"Dr Olamiju is today confer a fellowship award based on his track records professionally, not as a politician. He owns a Pharmaceutical company and our research reveals that the company automates their processing in terms of service deliveries and accounting systems, so also others.

He explained further that, "public health needs immense data analysis and as an institute, we would assist in terms of research and help put in place preventive measures for outbreak of epidemic.

Delivering his keynote address, the recipient, Dr Olamiju said he was highly honoured and humbled with the fellowship award which he noted, came from an institute seeking to use the culture of effective data management as a tool to reduce the rate of corruption in the country.

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