Written by: OPAKUNLE OLUWAFUNMIBI MAYOWA OPAKAN ( Media aide to the NANS Secretary General Oyo State)

On Monday, the NANS executive visited EMMACOED to intervene and mediate on behalf of the Student Union Government and the student populace as a whole. The team was led by the Vice-Chairman, Comr. Omoniyi Afeez (Oxygen) and the Secretary-General, Comr. Salawudeen Oyewale George (WALE-P) of the NANS/JCC, Oyo State.
In the course of the meeting, some cogent points and areas that needed the quick intervention of the school management were discussed.

The points are;
1.    The release of the Students Union Government properties such as Buses, land, among others.
2.    Insecurity
3.    Improved Infrastructures
4.    Insurance

The Dean, in-person of Mr. Ogundare, reacted to the points raised by the NANS executives by saying that it is normal for the students to demand the property as long as it is for the benefit of the student populace. However, it is very sardonic and disheartening that some student leaders in the past have sold some of the SUG properties such as the Ajiga land donated by the former provost to the SUG, of which legal actions are being put in place to claim back the land, and the buyer be notified of purchasing out of ignorance. Concerning the faulty Student Union vehicles, he replied that the management would take the proper steps, and the Student Union government will be informed when due.

On the issue of insecurity and improved infrastructure, Mr. Ogundare disclosed that it is only a blind man that will enter the school without realizing that the school is bushy and insecure due to the fallen fence – a situation, he considers as absolutely improper. However, he further explained the situation had not been rectified because the school account is currently being audited, and consequently, the school account is under a ban by the state government. He reiterated that the issue of improved infrastructure could also be linked to the ban on the school account, as the rehabilitation of the building and other infrastructures such as replacement of faulty electric sockets, louver blades, electric bulbs, and seats will be done with immediate effect once the ban is lifted.

Regarding the issue of Insurance, the Dean explained that the Students Union government disagree totally on the issue of insurance as he tried to convince them but to no avail. He said that perhaps the company lacks a solid point to defend their proposal; nevertheless, he will try to meet them again and inform them about the great benefits therein.
The Vice-Chairman appreciated the DSA for his time and efforts as well as implored the management to take all the necessary steps, so that the school can be transformed to a university of education, citing TASUED as an example. To this suggestion, the Dean replied instantly by saying that a massive work has been done to that effect. And in fact, more than 50 proposals have been submitted since the administration of Alao Akala till date.

On a final note,The NANS executives told the Dean that a quick and radical response is expected from them so as to keep the norms, the Dean thanked the executives and applauded them for their intervention. He pledged his support and commitment to the student’s welfare as he disclosed that as for him, the welfare of the student is number one and second to none.
In attendance are:
The DSA, Mr. Ogundare
Comr. Baozad
Comr. Omoniyi Afeez (Oxygen) (VICE CHAIRMAN)
Comr. Salawudeen Oyewale Georgr (WALE-P) (SECRETARY GENERAL)

Sug president alayande

Dean alayande

Dss oyo state

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