BAYO has been on drugs since 2016 (18yrs of age) then, was in stage 3, We got to know he has kidney problem when he had fire(gas)accident in school(Ladoke Akintola University, Lautech), then he was treated at agape hospital and he became healthy, then few days later he complained of headache, so we took him to health center where they discovered his BP was 219, then the nurse said we need to visit another hospital and check his bp, because what she is seeing is not normal, then took him straight to general hospital Ikeja (LASUTH), where they discovered he has kidney problem.

Since then, January 6, 2016, he has been on drugs up on till January 2019 (22yrs of age), when we got to the hospital for normal check up that we do at times twice a week,once a month, then we were told his urea and creatinine were too high and we need to go for dialysis straight (that same day).

Then we were advised to do dialysis three(3) times a week or twice (2) a week, which should be the list.

Since then,he has been on dialysis twice a week up on till date.

The pain, sleepless night, cramps, muscle pull and vomiting, later, we were asked to go for a tunnel operation, so the dialysis would be so easy for him instead off injecting him in his lap twice a week, the doctors said it will weaken the veins, which would be needed for transplant(the veins).

If the veins are lost during transplant,they won’t carry out the operation, so we need to go for the kidney transplant as soon as possible.

BAYO needs everyone help right now and I pray God will intervene in this journey we are about to lay on.

BAYO does not smoke or drink alcohol,let us all keep him in our prayers, Incase we all have any questions, please, feel free to ask through the poster phone number.

The whole story is for everyone to know how it all started and people that are willing to support him, it will make it easy for each and everyone of us to at-least know little about who we are raising the GO fund me for.


For Bank Details, it is on the poster below:

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  1. God will help him (Akin) . People should contribute please


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