Before a good Nation, State, Community, association, union or any community can exist and uphold harmony there must be justice, fair play, equality, and recognition of individual right and obligations as subjected to the role of law.

I bring greetings from all rational human beings to the entire members of Oyo state students, cadres, leaders and stakeholders in the name of Aluta of justice

I feel sad and disappointed even water drop my eyes not because of intimidation or oppression but because of future and concern I have for coming generation.

The future could not be seen or predicted because what bring us together as a students which is our union is about to be fractionalized  and jeopardized because of individuals differences and clash of interest. Which interest are we protecting as a union? Does our fellow students knows how we are managing the affair of the union? What are the gain of the students in the history of FOSSU so far? This are fundamental questions that comes my heart that makes me sad and fear the coming generation not to course our generation because of selfishness and greedy attitude which most of our people embrace towards students union. Our union is our platform let us take proper care of it to gain us national recognition and dignity.

More so, as a product of history I believe god fatherism cannot be iron out in politics,the same thing goes to students union, we can't iron stakeholders and leaders out of the system otherwise experience will be lacking in the system. As a result of this, I give special recognition to All leaders in the system and I urge them to serve as an advisers to the members of the union for such union not to collapsed, if their participation is not inline with the interest of union, then posterity will never let them go. Serve the union with your experience not because of any political affiliation or political interest because that is the problem rocking our dear union today. Don't cause problem to our union be a savior, safe our generation and coming generation for the pact of good will be traced after you. Either good or bad, our name will be written in the book of history.

It is sickening and condemnable seeing someone whose integrity can not even buy a sachet of water coming up with  non students as electoral Committee at the kangaroo Congress,  it can not be gainsaid that these elements is about to trade our union for selfless interest, you should have being unnecessary inordinately ambitious to the extent of being blinded by money  and position to divide the union  and commit constitutional aberration in order just to impose that your S. A media 'Advocate' as President, there's always a reward for loyalty but it is not expected of you to use our union to pay back.

Power they say belong to the most high. It is only the most high that determines who become what as desired by the people it can never be force.

It need to be know that your actions as against the constitution and norms of our dear Union (FOSSU) in Which your action can not be justified and your so called Candidate who is from Oyo Zone and not from Oke Ogun who also want to disorganised already lay down zoning formula, this is just to awake the patriotic sense of Oyo state Students community, especially the gullible one's from Oke Ogun who is supporting the candidate of Biafra for materials or any reason known to them.

Permits me to say we are all students of politics and we are bound by history. With this I hope the intellectual and rational students would see why the so called electoral Committee which was chair by non student and constituted by this political vegetable should not be welcome and accepted to conduct FOSSU National election

It is the the senate Arm of FOSSU saddle with the responsibility of dissolving and constituting electoral Committee

At this point in time we await the Legislative Arm of FOSSU to dissolve and constitute the legitimate electoral Committee who will usher in new leadership of FOSSU.

Our union must not be divided, the era of god bless my leaders has gone, the era of your days be long has gone. Let our union shine, we recognized you as a leader stop imposition I want to do it is far better to come and do it. Lets  students display their vision and mission for our union to shine. Our union is students union pls stand to be an advisers, total interference will never help the union. Imposition will set the union back Please fair the future and protect your dignity and good name. I want my loyal by to do it has not being of help to the union and FOOSUITE . This is an era of change please let the positive change reflects in us and our union.

I have said it all, but I will not leave you behind being a students, let us all stand to uphold the pillar of unity so that we can fight our common enemy. Politicians are not students  they always try to divide us and weak our Union . Our union is ours not politician union or political stakeholders union. Let students recognized us as a union leaders because it is their union

Safe our union.
Safe our generation.
Safe unborn generation.
Safe your name and dignity..
God bless Oyo State.
God bless Nigeria.

One with God is always with majority. 

Mayugbe Afrika!!!

A Progressive Student of Oyo state

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