- Opening prayer
- Aluta anthem
- Nomination & Adoption of Acting Chief Whip
- Introduction of Senators
- Welcome address
- State of local chapter/zones
- Report on FOSSU National Constitution
- Arising matters on FOSSU Dissolution
- Closing remarks
- Closing prayer


The sitting was graced by 27 senators from various chapters/campuses across the country, three principal officers of the Senate National Council (Senate President, Senate Clerk & Acting Chief Whip). The sitting was witnessed by 15 progressive observers from various chapters/zones.

The sitting started at exactly 12:34pm with an opening prayer from Senator Kilotomo Rafiu, FOSSU President, Polytechnic Of Ibadan Chapter.

 0.1 The Senate President of the Union, *Com. Oke Wasiu Ayinde (Pattern)* had the floor and started by assuring everyone present of freedom of speech. He then guaranteed the security of every Senator present as there were Law enforcement agencies (including the DSS and Police Officers from the Commissioner of Police of the State) surrounding the venue of the sitting to protect the lives and property of the senators.

 0.2 The Chapter President of Federal Cooperative College, Ibadan, Sen. Adeleke Yinka was nominated as the acting Chief Whip and was adopted by all senators present.

 0.3 After the introduction of all senators, a crisis arose on the issue of an observer who claimed to be a new Deputy Senate President appointed from Ibadsn zone, which the Senate Clerk pointed that there wasn't any formal letter to the Senate arm to back his claim and the observer was never recognized as the DSP.

 0.4 Under the state of local Cgapter/Zone, Senator Bolatito from School of Survey, Oyo raised issues of their student Union that all the SUG Presidential aspirants are FOSSU members before the election was intruded. He then sought FOSSU intervention to avoid disunity among their members of which the Senate President promised a quick intervention.
Com Oluwaseyi from SPED also recounted their Union suspension and also sought the cooperation of FOSSU NATIONAL SENATE with the current leadership of NANS to achieve the reinstatement.

Raji Muhammad from FCT College, Abuja talked about the issue of the bursary and lamented how the northern chapters of FOSSU had been sidelined by the leadership, which was addressed accordingly by the Senate president.

Sen. Olugbade Olubukunmi (Integrity), FIBSU National President, raised an observation why the acclaimed Deputy Senate President was not on the podium with the Senate principal officers. The Clerk explained that he had briefed the House at the onset of the sitting. The Senate President responded that Com Oladele Sodiq Yemolad, the Deputy Senate President that was voted for has not officially resigned because he hasn't received his resignation letter up till date.  Sen. Integrity then said his office had written to notify FOSSU National Executive President (Com. Sharafudeen aka Biafra) on the appointment of new  Deputy Senate President since the portfolio is to be filled by Ibadan Zone. The Senate President explained that they had yet to receive any formal letter to that effect as well.  Senate President explained further that his office was meant to be communicated through a letter that should be passed via the Senate Clerk as stipulated in the existing FOSSU constitution, and urged the Senators to always do things according to the protocols. He made it known that letters belonging to the senate are meant to be passed to the Senate Clerk and issued a stern warning against giving Senate letter to any members of the Central Executive Council. This resulted into a heated argument which he (Sen. Integrity) attempted to disrupt the ongoing peaceful. However, the crisis was managed by the Senate president after a 10-minute recess.

Senate Clerk raised the motion to move on with the Agenda of the sitting and anything else should be delayed till the AOB part of the Agenda and the motion was seconded by Sen. Oluwole, but a counter motion wad raised by Sen. Alagbe Samuel which led to voting. 16 senators supported the motion while 6 senators were against.

0.5 The Senate Clerk raised an observation that the reviewed Constitution should be adopted by the house. The observation was countered by Senator Ayuba, FIBSA National President and he raised a motion that before the house would adopt the reviewed constitution, all Senators present should be given one copy of the existing constitution as well as the reviewed constitution to go through. The motion was seconded and the Senate President passed the motion at the absence of no counter motion. The Senate Clerk, on behalf of the Constitution Review Committee, demanded that the whole house should graciously empower the committee financially so as to fulfill the obligation. In response to the call, Sen. Integrity from Ibadan zone promised to support the  Constitution Review Committee with the sum of #10,000. However, he demanded a formal letter to be written to his office.

 0.6 Arising matters on FOSSU dissolution
The Senate President explained to the whole house his efforts so far and his steps towards ensuring a smooth transition. He explained that constitutionally, the Senate Arm of the Union is saddled with the responsibility to dissolve both the Central Executive Council and the Senate Arm. He made it known that Constitution has it that dissolution should be done at the last sitting of the Senate and the Electoral Committee who will work on the next election shall be inaugurated immediately. The leadership of the Senate Council had agreed to announce that 22nd June, 2019 shall be the last Senate sitting of the current regime.
The Senate House condemned the National President of the Union for refusing to attend the sitting even though he was OFFICIALLY and duly notified about a week to the sitting with all evidence shown. They equally queried the unconstitutional National Congress held on the 7th June, 2019 which was a chapter congress of EACOED Chapter as confirmed by the Chapter President.

The Senate House, after a long deliberation, declared the Congress held on the 7th June, 2019 at Emmanuel Alayande College of Education,  Oyo as Illegal and unconstitutional and all decisions made in the said congress as null, void, and invalid to FOSSU National. This is because the purported Congress was never in line with the protocols laid down by the Constitution of FOSSU.

The House noted that the inauguration of Electoral Committee is the sole responsibility of the Senate Arm of the Union, and therefore withdrew herself from the knowledge of the Electoral Committee being inaugurated by the National President of the Union (Com. Sharafufeen a.k.a. BIAFRA) and declared Comrade Biafra's Electoral Committee as an unconstitutional and illegal one that can never conduct FOSSU NATIONAL ELECTION.
The senate House condemned the action of the National President of the Union for misleading the General public about the state of the Union.

Senator Opeyemi from LAUTECH Chapter raised the motion that the House should give the Constitution Review Committee enough time for the distribution of the Union existing and reviewed Constitution among the Senators and adoption of the constitution should be given another date while Dissolution of the Union should be done on the 22nd June, 2019.
The motion was seconded by Sen. Abiodun Salman from University of Ibadan Chapter.

0.7 Closing Remark was done by the Senate President and Communique Drafting Committee was nominated and adopted by the whole House.
Senator Adebisi Adeyemi from Federal College of Agriculture raised the motion for adjournment of the Senate Sitting till 22nd June, 2019, which was seconded by Senator Ogungbenro Lukman from Federal College, Niger State.

 0.8 Closing prayer was done by Senator Raji from FCT College, Abuja.

Sen. Oke Wasiu Ayinde (Pattern)*
FOSSU National Senate President*

Sen. Fatoki Michael B. (Bomic)
FOSSU National Senate Clerk

Communique Drafting Committee:
Sen. Fatoki Michael B. (Senate Clerk)
Sen. Abiodun Salman (University of Ibadan President)
Sen. Mohammed Raji (FCT College, Abuja president). 
Sen. Opeyemi Jejelola (LAUTECH President)
Sen. Ogungbenro Lukman (Federal College of wildlife, Niger state).

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