Sulaiman Kazeem (Opomulero)
24 March, 2019

Disappointingly, the Rauf Aregbesola led administration also failed to engage local and foreign investors and in return attract investments to the State Of Virtue. Perhaps, we should discuss one of the strides of his led administration which was massive investment in Education sector - building of modern schools, donation of ‘OPON IMO’ learning gadget to pupils, and the school feeding program introduced by the government. In addition, the government did well in the construction of roads across the State, building and rehabilitation of health centers, promotion of tourism among other achievements.

But, Osun State does not have the financial capacity to sustain projects whose life expectancy is solely dependent on the financial status of the State. Again, the people are not self-sufficient enough to pay taxes that would be used to service and maintain the aforementioned strides. It is a known fact that Osun Sate does not have the capacity to delve into huge capital intensive projects like construction of Airport and its likes.

No doubt, huge investment in infrastructure is the bedrock of development in every State, but it must be done modestly. States with low IGR develop by seeking partnership with prosperous States and getting loans that would be properly channeled into massive infrastructural development that are capable of driving investment and growing small businesses, and in return stimulate the economy in a way that loan repayment would not inflict hardship on the people of the State.

Beyond massive investment in sustainable infrastructural development, the leadership must distant itself from white elephant projects and focus on human capital development, so as to make the people self-sufficient and in return be able to pay taxes that would be used to service and maintain the infrastructures in the State. It should interest you that steady power supply is achievable in Osun State, good roads can be built across the State, functional and affordable health care centers can be built across the State, more modern schools can also be built, we can improve on security in the state, we can pay salaries and pension in due time, we can have more good tidings in Osun State, but only when we have a purpose driven leadership.

In addition, we must not fail to enlighten the people that these infrastructures come with a price, and that the people must be willing to contribute their quota towards the sustenance of these infrastructures – taxes and tariffs must be paid but this is only possible when the people are self-sufficient and have confidence in the leadership of the State.

In a State like Osun where there are untapped potentials in tourism and Agriculture to mention a few, it is unappealing to see evident failures on part of the State leadership to key into this rich endowment and explore the residual human capital potentials in the State. Disappointingly, tertiary institutions in the State are underfunded, lecturers are not fulfilled and the infrastructures are decaying. This can end.

Going by the perseverance of the people in the ongoing hard times in the State, it is no fallacy to say that the people of Osun State are ready to pay more dues, but one must not fail to ask if the leadership is well equipped with the necessary political will and knowledge to use these dues judiciously. For Osun State to become great, visionary leadership must be put in place.

In conclusion, I wish to state clearly that the economic prosperity of Osun State is not dependent on the political party in power and wishful thinking but rather it is solely dependent on the resoluteness and determination of the people themselves and those at the helms of affairs of the State, to make the State great.

Leadership is everything. Leadership is all of us. Government must be transparent, else it will lack the needed credibility and integrity.

Thank you.

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