As Lautech Medical Laboratory Science Student Association goes to the poll to elect New set of Executives today, here is the guidelines as released to adekka tv this morning.

Rep Ademola Samuel, the Electoral Chairman in his speech to adekka tv appologised on the mistake of not putting the nicknames of the contestants in the ballot paper. He said;

"Adekkatv, as the official broadcast station for today's Election, I am happy to inform you that, all is now set for the Election, when Adekka tv correspondence in Osogbo, asked the chairman on the modalities for the Election, the Chairman said that, it is a mistake on their part not to put the nicknames of the contestants, we are sorry".


1. Election will hold at both Ogbomosho and Osogbo campus simultaneously. There are two POLLING UNITS in total, one in Ogbomosho (MLS, 200L classroom, CHS, Ogbomosho) and 600LT, CHS, Osogbo.

2. All students across  these levels 200L, 300L, 400L and 500L will be eligible to vote. And provided their names appear on INEC VOTERS REGISTER.

3. With 2 above, such member will present an identity card,  carrying the name, department and the matric number of such individual. Please note that the Electoral Officials will verify every individual before they can be allowed to vote.

3. Polls will open at both units by 11am today 18th March, 2019 and will close at 3pm. We WILL adhere strictly to time.

Sorting and counting shall commence immediately.

4. Ballot papers to be given out today have serial numbers and must be signed by the presiding electoral officer. This will ensure the validity of your vote, take note.

5. Any issues that may arise prior to, during and after the election should be forwarded to and will be dealt with by the Electoral officers.

6. All candidates and their verified agents are advised to be well behaved and adhere strictly to the rules.

They (the agents) shall be allowed to inspect the Electoral materials alongside with any available observer before the commencement of the process.

In view of this, all agents are enjoined to make themselves available by 10am today, both at Ogbomosho campus and Osogbo campus.
7. INEC'19 wishes us a hitch free election.

Please Note:
It is expedient for you to come out to Vote.



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