Love and Care written by; Lukman Aliu Ayodeji Negro on Adekka TV


The word love, comprises of the four-letter word is capable of changing the whole world to good, harmony and a peaceful one.
In anything you do in this life, no matter where you are, no matter who you be, without Love, people may not adore what you do.

After Love, the next agenda for every human is to be caring for what they loved. Sometimes, Love without care is like having an expensive car of which it lack proper maintenance. In fact, Love will be useless without care. The Love is not necessarily to be what it is popularly meant for nowadays between a male and a female, it is a social quality everyone has to posses in this life.

To start from the grassroot, in a family without love, life will be like hell; In a community without love, harmony will be nowhere to found, In a town or city without love, hatred will be everywhere, even in the blood of teenagers; In a state or country with No love, everyone will be starved, hardly the settlements would developed. In a place like this, The Rich ones always be Scrooge fellow, the Lacked ones heart will also be full of hatred for the Rich people, the community hardly progress.

Love is a essential quality everyone must have, starting from the family to the national level, we need love to harmonise our family, to develop our community, our town/city and our country at large. In our country for instance, if we really love ourselves, if love truly exist in this country, No one would have defalcated a kobo of the public fund, the rate of poverty wouldn't have risen to this level, we would be living in a harmonized, peaceful and poverty-free communities in this country.

It is high time we loved ourselves in this country. We are bound with the same Nation. There should be unity and love in diversity.

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  1. You amaze me, you're one on the youth Iwoland, Osun State and Nigeria is looking forward to take responsibilities of moving the country forward.
    Keep up the good work.


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