Written by; Lukman Aliu Ayodeji Negro on Adekka TV


Earlier in the morning at the harmattan season, when it will be very cold, when everyone will be in bed, wrapping themselves with yards of fabric, those people will not sleep in this time. They will abandon all their social responsibility and sacrifice the month for struggling. If they're not on the way, trekking, meeting people and convincing them with sweet words, they will have appointment with someone for a course of an action.
In this time of December, their expenses can never be estimated, their transport fare within the communities of the town for this month will be Thousand of Nigeria Currency.

Sometimes, especially in the evening, they could remembered that they had not eat since the morning of that day. As the first day of the New year is moving closer, the more the struggling increased everyday. Though, it is usually holiday time, but some school will have not vacate then, and this people I'm talking about, don't even mind to skip their Test and Practicals. They'll come home and continue their struggling.

On the day of Judgment, the Earliest day of January, they will be at the ground as earlier as possible, mobilising people to the field, giving them a small white paper, persuading them to mark inside a box in the front of a specific name, whenever they go in. They will keep going here and there, imploring people, calling people to do them the favor. During the process, they might even fight themselves on this day of Judgment, they might even be shouting "We no go gree  oooo, we no go gree". But later, at the evening of that day, a counted slip of paper will judge where they are heading to for the next 365 days.

Unionist, a social and educational group of Students. An avenue; to examine how vibrant you are, to know how popular you are, how participatory you are and how well you can manage public fund. Unionism not politics, but it should be manage democratically. We are all Unionist, we are bind in the same arena of knowledge and wisdom. Not a political party, where they antagonised themselves. We are to do the task together, to lift the Union to higher ground.. Love shall reign between us. The friendship... Betterment. Diversity never.

The friendship as two opponents will serve together in achieving betterment. This script is dedicated to all Filsuite home and abroad, most especially all contestants of the last election.

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