Written by; Lukman Aliu Ayodeji Negro on adekka TV


An adage says "If you cannot be a Pen that writes someone joy, then you should be Eraser that cleans someone sorrow". Merely looking at this paradoxical statement, it looks like a joke, but it is not. When you happens to be someone that people seek help and support from, either in  monetary or in any other means, try as much as possible to help those people. If you don't have the ability or capacity to help them, but to lead them to where they could get it, my brother, please do so. Because you might even need them also in future, it may not even be you, but your children or relations. Try as much as possible to do Good always.

Someone may ask for monetary assistance from you, but in otherwise, you can deem it fit that rendering that assistance to such person is not that helpful to him/her, but the best thing is to empower him/her to have a job. Yes, that will be better. If you can help someone to have or get job, you're helping other while still helping yourself too, because the person you helped will also helps others too, the burden will be off your head little by little, and through this, we'll be gradually developing. This kind of idea is commonly found in Hausa tribe in this country. They use to help themselves wherever they meet.

Lets put this in a Practical form, starting from the Rich ones, in your Capacity and Ability, kindly help Five people to be financially independent, then tell each of them to help different five people, I can confidently tell you that through this, the rate of poverty will be eliminated, hardly we could find a beggar among us. If every millionaire and billionaire of our country can do this, I bet it, Nigeria will be Heaven on Earth.

However, how could this happen without love. Love encompasses everything. Without love in this country, the idea will be difficult to function.
In a nutshell, I implore everyone that is capable of helping people, not to be stingy in sharing their wealth to make our community better, to make Nigeria better entirely.

Help Others



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