As per report gathered this evening by Adekka TV, some hoodlums today attacked the campaign convoy of Mr Jimi Agbaje, the Peoples Democratic Party governorship candidate in Lagos State, at Iba in Ojo, west of Lagos.

It was learnt that, the convoy had just left the palace of Oniba of Iba, Oba Goriola Oseni when it came under fierce attack.

Jimi Agbaje, the PDP governorship candidate had gone to the monarch to notify him of his plan to hold his campaign rally in the area later in the day prior to the incident.

As the convoy was driving out, hoodlums, numbering about 40, pursued and threw stones at Agbaje’s vehicles.

Some of the hoodlums, clutching daggers and machetes, rode on motorcycles to maintain pace with the speed of the convoy, throwing pebbles continually at the convoy.

The rear windscreen of a bus carrying some party members was shattered.

Some occupants of the bus sustained minor injuries as a result of the shattered glass.

The hoodlums advanced towards the convoy for further attacks, before security details in the convoy engaged them, by firing tear gas at them.

They later beat a hurried withdrawal while the convoy managed to escape.

Nevertheless, Agbaje and people in other vehicles did not sustain injuries.

Earlier on at the Oniba’s palace, Agbaje said he did not believe that politics should be a do-or-die affair.

He said that he had always been an advocate of peaceful politics due to the fact that, he believed that power should not be sought through violence.

It was in demonstration of that belief that he came down from his vehicle to greet some APC members when he sighted them on his way to the palace.

“I don’t believe in do-or-die politics. I have always believed in peaceful politics and that is what I practice.

“Why should people kill themselves because of politics? It should not be, politics should be a platform to serve and not to cause destruction.

“On my way to the palace today, I saw some APC supporters in their party vests and I came down from the vehicle to greet them.

“They looked at my face in disbelief at first. We later embraced each other and exchanged friendly words. That should be the spirit.”

Agbaje informed the monarch that he was in the palace to pay homage and seek the royal father’s blessing for his planned rally in the area as that was the right thing to do.

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