Nigeria Police have reported that, it will not withdraw the present siege on the Abuja resident of senator Dino Melaye till he handover himself for arrest.

“The Police operatives with a duly obtained Warrant of Arrest deployed to arrest Senator Dino Melaye in his residence in Abuja will not retreat until Senator Dino Melaye surrenders himself for arrest and investigation,” Jimoh Moshood, the Police Spokesman reported this in a statement.

Police operatives started the ongoing four-day siege on Melaye residence last week Friday, December 29.

The reason for the siege is because, the senator is wanted by the Police for a case of “Criminal Conspiracy and Attempted Culpable Homicide, committed on 19th July, 2018".

Police assume that, Senator Dino Melaye and “his armed thugs attacked Police personnel; shot and wounded Sgt. Danjuma Saliu, attached to 37 Police Mobile Force (PMF) on stop and search duty along Aiyetoro Gbede, Mopa Road in Kogi State".

“The Police Officer, Sgt. Danjuma Saliu, is yet to recover from the gunshot injury he sustained during the attack and still under intensive medical care in the hospital,” Moshood reported.

Senator Melaye, nevertheless, has informed the Police to protect the country, instead of chasing after him, saying he is not a criminal as alleged by the Police.

The Police reported that, Senator Melaye capture was necessary due to the fact that, he had refused invitation for investigation that was sent to him on separate occasions.

“The claim by the Senate President in the Media that the Police did not submit a letter of invitation to the Clerk of the National Assembly is therefore incorrect as can be seen on attached letter with acknowledgment stamp of the Clerk, National Assembly, Abuja “24 JUL 2018“. Despite this, Senator Dino Melaye bluntly refused to report himself to the Police till date.”

The Police, nevertheless, reported that, it will “ensure a thorough investigation into this matter while making sure that the rule of law prevails and that no suspect no matter how highly placed, involved in any criminal matter escape justice.”

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