A 19-year-old student,Jibade Raheem of a polytechnic in Ondo State,was last weekend shot dead by members believe to be cultist of a group over the ideology that the specified group is superior to others in the conflict in the institution as reported.

It was confirmed by the Police in the state that a accuse has been arrested over the death of the student,it was also added that three accuse, who tried to kidnap a student, Ayomide Ogunsuyi, of Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, were also been placed under arrest. It was gathered that the hands of the dead cultist were cut into small pieces, which point out that they were put to death by the gang of the Aiye fraternity.

The cultists have access to charms,cutlasses, cudgels and other risky attack or defense for hunting on themselves. Meanwhile, the student that was killed was recognized by Police as the student of an ND 1,in the Department of Public Administration.

Police spokesperson, Femi Joseph, who affirmed the death and the capture of the suspect, confirmed that it was a cult engagement between rival gang in the institution.Femi Joseph portrayed the occurrence as another unlucky and contemptible act of “these cult boys.”

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