In the presence of doubts by the voters to have a free and fair election, the  Congolese people came out massively yesterday, queue to vote in the capital city only to be faced with inexistent voter rolls and heavily downpours. Election observers said that, their is hundreds of voting machines which are not functioning, or no voting machines and cases in which they were not allowed to stay in polling stations.

Since the Independent from Belgium in 1960, this election is the first opportunity to have a peaceable, democratic transfer of power since its independence. Although, A certain number of voters in the Limete neighborhood, which happens to be the stronghold of opposition, the polling stations there did not received voters rolls, six hours after polls commenced, and a few didn’t have the voters rolls by 5 p.m, which is the scheduled closing time.

“It’s a comedy,” reported Kisoka Kimbenze, 52, around midday, after giving up and beginning to walk home. “But it is also a tragedy. The government has had years to organize this election, so of course the lack of voter rolls is intentional".

The election suppose to have taken place in 2016 but have a delay for more than two years by President Joseph Kabila owing to unrest around the country and the logistical challenges of having the voting materials delivered as much of Congo did not have the most basic amenities like transport infrastructure. The delays gave President Kabila the opportunity to stay in office above his constitutionally mandated two-term limit.

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