The CNN Office located in New York were emptied on Thursday night following a bomb threat, this was reported, recalled that an alike clearing of contents was carried out in October following an explosive device discovery.

An electronic bells rang indoors of the newsroom to give a sign on notice of danger for an evacuation immediately after 10:30 pm, This was reported on the CNN owned website, as the network resolved to alternative which is pre-record programming.After an hour,skype was used by the network to broadcast.

“People just tuning in wondering why you’re seeing me on Skype, why there are such technical difficulties, it’s because we have been taken off the air because a bomb threat was called into CNN,” the host Don Lemon cleared the air. “We were evacuated and we know as much as you do.” “Due to a police investigation at Columbus Circle, West 58th Street between 8th and 9th Avenue is closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic,” This was reported by the New York Police.

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