The number of foreign players in the English Premier League squads is to be limited from 17 to 12 if the Brexit proposed by the English Football Association (FA) got approved.

The new rule, which will be officially announced to the Chairmen of the 20 Premier League Club tomorrow, would constrain top English clubs to ensure at least half of the 25-man squad is 'homegrown'.

The discussions about how to take actions with Brexit have being for long when Premier League clubs are so dependent on being free of movement for talents in Europe.

The Premier League and the English FA are understood to be serious on how to come into an agreement quickly so as to avoid the situation whereby all EU players have to fulfil the same criteria as non-EU players do now in order to be giving a permit to work.

The English Clubs presently have the opportunity to give chance up to 17 foreign players in their squads but the FA's proposal would cut the number to 12 reducing it by 5.

This action is important because of the Change of the make-up of many clubs, which includes the title holders Manchester City ,who presently have the highest number of foreign players.Not less than four clubs have 16 non-homegrown players among their squad.

The Football Association emphasize on the need to make use of the opportunity giving by Brexit to raise the number of British youngsters in the top clubs.

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