Federation of International Football (FIFA) have emphasize that they are yet to decide on possible transfer ban for the premier league giant Chelsea,after reports came forth that Chelsea could be disallowed from players buying for two years.

It was reported yesterday that, the English giant, Chelsea are battling with a four-window restrictions for signing 14 players aged 18 and under illegally.

The Blues are being investigated since the club  allegedly signed foreign player Bertrand Traore from a club in Burkina Faso before the age of 18 in 2014.

According to reports, FIFA's ethical code and Compliance unit have not taking the decision on whether to give a two years transfer ban or not,for the Blues because of their minor offence.

In a statement released by the International body, FIFA have denied agreeing on a decision concerning the situation, reporting that the matter is still under process.

"As communicated in September 2017, investigations were opened concerning the club Chelsea FC as well as other English clubs in relation to potential breaches of the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players," a FIFA spokesperson reported.

"The proceedings are ongoing and, to date, no decision has been passed by the FIFA judicial bodies. Thus, the clubs are to be presumed innocent unless decided otherwise."

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